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Aero Blue Theme

aero blue Theme for Windows 7
For those who have not yet decided to change the desktop radically and want to slightly refresh the interface, this theme will be a great find - Aero Blue Theme

Sunset Theme

sunset Theme for Windows 7
Do you like to spend time at the computer in the evenings or at night? Then dark themes are what you need. For example, this Sunset theme is great for work

Sunrise Theme

sunrise theme for windows 7
This Sunrise theme, which means dawn, is entirely light, but identical in design to the previous one. There are now 2 themes that can be varied for or for the night.

Mario Bros Theme

mario bros Theme for Windows 7
The Mario Bros theme for kids will appeal not only to children but to adults, as a reminder of childhood when friends played Dendy for hours on end.


nomemod Theme for Windows 7
Nice minimalism that is suitable for everyday use on a home or office PC. A huge plus of the Nomemod theme is that it is created in five visual styles.

IRUO Theme

IRUO Theme for Windows 7
This a unique theme for those looking for something unusual to decorate their desktop. The content provides a visual style with light colors IRUO Theme

Vertex Theme

vertex Theme for Windows 7
High-quality minimalist theme with volumetric design elements. Such themes are now rarely seen since such a style has already become obsolete - Vertex Theme

Conceptual Theme

conceptual Theme for Windows 7
Conceptual Theme - We present to your attention a new very unusual theme with Aero effects. The theme was created in the image of the concept whose name is Windows Dev 8