clearscreen sharp

Clearscreen Sharp Theme

Clearscreen Sharp Theme For Windows 7

If you don’t like modern design trends, and you still like Aero style, then this design is for you. In addition, this is a great theme to refresh the interface without sacrificing convenience. The taskbar and start menu are transparent and resemble dark tempered glass, while the File Explorer frame is light. In general, a harmonious combination that will look great with any wallpaper.

Make your customization awesome by installing the appropriate Windows 7 icon pack for this theme.

What is included in this?

  • Theme
  • Wallpapers
  • Start Orbs
  • Explorer Frame

Instalation steps:

  • I recommend creating a restore point before starting the customization.
  • This third party theme will only work if you install Theme Patcher, so definitely install Theme Patcher.
  • If you’re new to this, check out this page to learn how to install a Windows custom theme or visit this Youtube Channel.
  • In some themes, you may need to manually add an Explorer frame without attaching it to the theme, and CustomizerGod is very helpful in doing that.
  • Theme support : Windows 7 (all editions)
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