NUX Theme For Windows

NUX Theme For Windows

NUX is a good solution for those who want to style their desktop interface in monochrome colors, for example, make everything only dark or light. The theme has several options, the differences between them are mainly dark or light mode. Fluent Keys icons work well for this theme.

NUX Theme For Windows 11

Install the suitable 7TSP icon for this theme and improve your customization. Click Here to find your Windows icons.

What is included in this?

  • Themes (9 types)
  • Stardock Curtains
  • Start Orb

Instalation steps:

  • Don’t forget to create a restore point. You can see more about the restore point on this page
  • This third-party theme will only work if you install the theme patcher so install this theme patcher
  • See this page to know : how to install windows custom theme
  • Windows 10 users use curtainsfor round corners
  • Theme support : Windows 10 version (1903 and above) & Windows 11


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