Sword Art Online theme for Windows 7

Sword Art Online theme for Windows 7

A unique theme of its kind, created in the image of the game interface from the anime animated series Sword Art Online. The contents included a lot of additions in order to design the desktop interface in a single style. To do this, the archive contains icons for the system and programs, a welcome screen for different monitor resolutions, as well as all the necessary system files. In addition, the sound scheme and cursors change along with the theme. iPack QED was specially compiled for this theme.

Make your customization awesome by installing the appropriate Windows 7 icon pack for this theme.

What is included in this?

  • Theme
  • Icon pack
  • Wallpaper

Instalation steps:

  • I recommend creating a restore point before starting the customization.
  • This third party theme will only work if you install Theme Patcher, so definitely install Theme Patcher.
  • If you're new to this, check out this page to learn how to install a Windows custom theme or visit this Youtube Channel.
  • In some themes, you may need to manually add an Explorer frame without attaching it to the theme, and CustomizerGod is very helpful in doing that.
  • Theme support : Windows 7 (all editions)
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