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How To Create Windows Restore Point

How To Create Windows Restore Point In a Simple Way

Vin Star will guide you on how to create Windows Restore Point in a simple way and what are its benefits.

How To Create Windows Restore Point In a Simple Way

What is Restore Point and what are its uses?

Restore Point is a function that takes your Windows from its current state to its previous state.

This restore point will help you get rid of any bugs or viruses that you may have encountered with your newly installed application.

Note: Restore Point is created automatically when you install some software on your Windows, and you need to manually create Restore Point when testing new and unfamiliar software.

How To Create Windows Restore Point

Step: 1

Create restore point start menu
Open your search bar & type

Step: 2

Create restore point Step 1
Select Local Disk-C and click configure

Step: 3

Create restore point Step 2
Choose Turn on system protection and Set Disk Space maximum usage then click ok

Step: 4

Create restore point Step 3
Now click Create

Step: 5

Create restore point Step 4
Type the name for your restore point and then click Create

Step: 6

Create restore point
The process will take a few seconds

Step: 7

Create restore point Step 6
This tab can be closed after receiving notifications that a successful restore point has been created

Tips: Sometimes Windows 7 gets stuck on the welcome screen and you can use a restore point to restore Windows 7 without data loss. This video will help you Restore Other Windows.

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