How to install 7tsp GUI icon pack in windows 10 & 11


How to install 7tsp GUI icon pack in windows 10 & 11

Note: Make sure the icon you are using is compatible with your windows

Go to this page to know how to Uninstall 7tsp GUI Icon Pack

Install 7tsp icon:

  1. First, download and extract the 7tsp GUI application. It will have an irregular name, rename it from 7tsp GUI v0.6 .ee to 7tsp GUI v0.6 .exe
  2. Open the 7TSP GUI application and click Add a Custom pack
  3. Select the 7tsp icon you want to install
  4. Then click on start patching and click Yes to ask permission to create a restore point.
  5. It takes a while to install the icons so don't turn off your computer
  6. Restart your computer after the installation is complete. After the restart, your computer will look beautiful with the new icon as you thought

Below, the installation process is given in image format

7tsp Download
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