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Installing custom themes for Windows How to install custom themes for Windows 8

Installing custom themes for Windows 10,11

An explanation of how to install and customize a custom theme in Windows 10 and 11 - Installing custom themes for Windows

Installing custom themes for Windows


Create a restore point:

  • First, Create a restore point its important,if you make a mistake in the customization, the restore point help to restore the system to its original state

  • A detailed explanation of Create a restore point

how to installing custom themes for Windows


Patch your windows:

  • The custom themes theme will only work if you install the theme patcher, so you must install the Ultra UXTheme Patcher to use the third-party theme on your Windows.
  • If they still don’t work (Unpatched) after installing Ultra UXTheme Patcher you need to do some work manually .


Change your custom themes:

  • Copy and paste your theme into this (C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes) folder.
  • How to use a custom themes in Windows will be explained in more detail with the image.


Icon installation:

  • Install the icon using the application 7TSP GUI. (This method only applies to Windows 10 and 11 users)
  • Detailed explanation with pictures about installing and uninstalling 7tsp


Removing the ribbon menu (toolbar) from Explorer : Windows 10 and 11

  • Windows 10 users must use the OldNewExplorer program to remove the ribbon menu. Extract the downloaded OldNewExplorer file and then open the oldNewExplorer.exe application. Select the “Use Command Bar” box and uncheck the last two boxes then click Install to install OldNewExplorer.
  • Installing custom themes for Windows 10,11

  • Windows 11 users can hide the ribbon menu using StartAllBack. Install the downloaded StartAllBack application, then open the Explorer option and select the Win7 command bar.
  • Installing custom themes for Windows 10,11


To change the start menu and taskbar:

How to Remove Custom Theme and Icon Pack

YouTube video

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