Windows 11 Color Theme for Windows 7

Windows 11 Color Theme for Windows 7

After the advent of Windows 11, many people were attracted to it because of its sleek appearance. Yes, it also has a full white explorer like Windows 11 with a round corner and some icons attached to it. You can download the icon you see in the screenshot here

Install the suitable Icon Pack for this theme and improve your customization. Click Here to find your Windows 7 icons.

Windows 11 Color Theme for Windows 7

What is included in this?

  • Theme
  • Dock BG
  • Dock Icon
  • Wallpaper

Instalation steps:

  • Don't forget to create a restore point. You can see more about the restore point on this page
  • This third-party theme will only work if you install the theme patcher so install this theme patcher
  • See this page to know : how to install windows custom theme
  • Theme support : Windows 7 (all editions)

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